Student Life

WSHS Clubs

If you are wanting to start a club, be sure to complete the virtual club application:

Club NameClub DescriptionWhat requirements, if any, are there to join your club?What day of the week will your club meet and how often?What time will your club meet?Where will your club meet?Adviser Name & Email 
Beginner Coding ClubThe Beginner Coding Club will help you grasp the basics of coding while creating projects you can show off. This club will help you get prepared for harder coding classes like AP Computer Science. It hopes to have the benefits of peer support and semi-structure without the stress of grades, due dates, and assignments.noneThursday3:45:00pm215Justin Little 
BSUThe Black Student Union is open to all students and allies to discuss race relations and celebrate black excellence in West SeattlenoneThursday3:45-4:45pm230Ms. Perletti 
Club JesusTo learn more about the wordnoneWhenever possible. Hopefully during lunch.12:10pm206 or 226Ms. Demarinis\Lambright 
D&D clubAnyone can join us to play dungeons and dragons, no previous experience or knowledge of the game required, just bring a pencil and we’ll provide the rules and character sheets.noneWednesday2:30-4:00pmTBD 
Earth ClubStudents who are interested in making a difference in our school, community and beyond.noneWednesdayafter school141Mrs. Hall
Film ClubThis is a club where we watch and talk about all different types of filmYou have to enjoy watching filmWednesday2:30-3:30pm125Daniel Wiener
French ClubFor students who want to share the French culture and practice speaking   235Ms. Schumacher
Glee ClubWe sing and dance and preformWe need at minimum 5 people  and a pianoMonday3:45-5:00pmTBDMs. Depew
GSAGSA is open to all queer people plus straight allies, and has previously been called the Gay-Straight Alliance, and the Gender & Sexuality Alliance. Tuesdayafter school230Perletti/ Thocher
Health Advisory CouncilStudents and medical professionals coming together to discuss the physical and mental health of our student bodynoneMondayafter school230 
Intersectional Feminist ClubStudents who are interested in discussing current issues relating to intersectional feminism and activismnoneMondayafter school213Gardner
Japanese Culture ClubA club that celebrates and teaches new, old, and popular cultures and activities in JapannoneThursdayafter school147Raya Klien
Jesus ClubAsnwering confusing questions and surrounding ChristianityBe yourself👍Wednesdayafter school206Ms. Demarinis\Mr. Lambright
Music ClubStudents do music related activities such as make songs/beats and listen to new music of different cultures also can work on hw while listening to music with othersnoneTuesdayafter school140Ms. McLean
NEW VOTERS CLUBOur goal is to help teen Washington citizens register to vote and learn about the local political environment. We want young voters to have the opportunity to research and find what issues they believe in to make more informed and educated decisions when voting.noneTo be determinedTBDTBDMr. Lambright
Pickle Ball ClubWe play pickle ballnoneNot sure if it’ll be every week, most likely weekendsTBDHiawatha tennis court 
Poker ClubLearn how to play card games like Texas hold ‘em and black jack. Learn how to gamble and the what can happen when you gamble.Everyone is welcomeWednesday2:50-3:50pmTBD 
Poster ClubPoster Club would be a resplendent new club, where professional looking posters would be made by students looking to further their graphic design and marketing skills. We would make posters of all kinds, from posters playing host to funny witticisms, to promotional posters for events and other clubs, and even providing educational prospects. Club members would be encouraged to experiment with different art styles, software, as well as collaborating with people they wouldn’t otherwise meet.nonePoster Club will meet preferably 2 days a week, ideally Mondays and Wednesdays immediately after school to allow for more time.The club would meet 5 minutes after school would typically get out, including on Wednesdays if possible to allow extra time for Poster Club.TBD 
Powerlifting clubWe will do weight lifting and hopefully go to some powerlifting competitions in the winter.Just have a positive attitude everyone is welcome.Wednesdayafter schoolWeight roomCorey Sorensen
PvPThe school’s video game club, running on its 5th year. We primarily play the game Super Smash Brothers Ultimate, but will also integrate Halo Infinite into our lineup later.A good attitude and respect for the equipment.Tuesday is our main day to meet up every week, with Thursday as our backup day.after school137 
Skate Clublearn how to skate, or get betterhave your own skateboard, rollerblade, skates, or scooterWednesday4pmSeattle Center skate plaza 
the wildcat press (school newspaper)A club for those who are passionate about journalism, to work in concert with the journalism class. We will publish and write a newspaper to be release monthly (all online to start until club takes off the ground). To update students with whats happening around the schoolnoneMonday3:35-4:30pm234Cory Martin
Ultimate FrisbeeStudents of all skill levels who want to join together to play Ultimate FrisbeeAll skill levels welcome    
West Seattle blackbirds (airsoft club)The airsoft club is talking about airsoft and going over airsoft rules. We welcome all types of players.none all you need is to be open mindedWednesdayafter schoolhiawatha field Under the trees 
WSHS Skate ClubSkateboarding, Longboarding, and Roller skatingnoneTuesday3:45-4:15pmAt the auto shop room 260-262Ms. Thomas – and Ms. Harper –